Factors That Influence Court Proceedings

Factors That Influence Court Proceedings

When facing a criminal charge, it’s second nature to dwell on the possible outcomes. Thankfully, there are plenty of criminal lawyers in Adelaide who can investigate your charge and represent you in court. While their role is to help you, favourable results are not guaranteed.

This is because there is a range of other influencing factors that can impact the nature of the result. There are no quick or simple fixes. A criminal defence lawyer can only approach the case in the best way they see fit. Aside from that, here are some other factors that can affect the results of your case:

Facts and Evidence

The facts gathered for your case and the prosecutor’s evidence play a huge role in determining the case’s outcome. Strong evidence includes anything relevant that is documented, photographed, videoed, or witnessed by a person. If the plaintiff presents strong evidence against your case the prosecution will likely take advantage of this. This will make it harder for you to attain lesser penalties or reduction to a lower offence.

However, if the police illegally obtained the evidence against you, their case against you might be weakened. This will assist your lawyer in fighting for a favourable outcome.

Criminal History

Having a criminal record can greatly sway the outcome of your case. Criminal history is often used as a means of demonstrating your ability or intent to commit the crime relevant to the trial. As such, defendants who haven’t been convicted before typically have more considerate verdicts than those who aren’t first-timers. For instance, if you’re a first-time offender, the judge might dismiss your case if you agree to certain conditions, such as completing drug rehabilitation programs.

Prosecutor and Judge

While prosecutors practice in the same office, their approaches may vary. Some prefer to take the quicker route by moving the case to resolution without trial. This consideration should also be taken with judges, as they have different years of experience, opinions, and processes in making assessments. Most of them have rules regarding typical sentences for guilty and not guilty defendants as well as scheduling of criminal cases.

Changes in Court Structure

If there’s a newly appointed district attorney, or even a politician who has the authority to appoint one, this can greatly affect court proceedings. From how courts will expedite certain cases to changing the group that handles your case, almost every aspect of the process will be altered.

Your Attorney

One of the most important influencing factors t is your attorney. From conducting a stringent investigation, hiring necessary experts, to building a strong defence, your lawyer should have the expertise to represent you in court.

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