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Best Wills and Estate Lawyers Adelaide

Wills and Estate lawyers Adelaide are here to help you plan how your assets will be distributed once you pass. During your will preparation, you may also nominate a family member or friend whom you trust to mediate the process to ensure all of your expectations and wishes are met, and all associated legal obligations are fulfilled. While wills can be completed independently, Matthew Mitchell Solicitors will provide you with complete peace of mind. Our Wills and Estate lawyers will leave no stone unturned to reduce the likelihood of disputes between recipients. After comprehensively learning about your situation, we will also work to advise you of solutions based on past experience. As one of the most important documents you will ever sign, it is absolutely imperative that you treat it with the attention to detail it requires with the help of a solicitor.

Wills and Estate Lawyers Adelaide

Our Process

Our Wills and Estate lawyers in Adelaide can also represent you if you have been unfairly provided for in another’s will. If you are a child, spouse or financial dependent of the deceased, you may be able to lodge a claim. There are a number of things to consider when challenging a will, including;

  • your connection to the deceased
  • your current health, your financial situation
  • the estate size of the deceased
  • the recipients of the will and their connection to the deceased
  • the people named in the will and their financial situation

If you believe you have been unfairly compensated in a deceased person’s will, call our Wills and Estate Lawyers today. It is crucial that you seek our assistance as soon as possible to avoid losing your claim rights. During your free consultation, we can let you know if your claim is valid, before proceeding with your case.

Why We Are the Best Wills and Estate Lawyers Adelaide

Our Wills and Estate Lawyers Adelaide are equipped with the knowledge to help you navigate your way through complex documents. We will ensure your needs are met, and you have a comprehensive understanding of associated issues such as taxation, superannuation, legislation, wealth & asset protection and medical treatment. We never make assumptions and assess every client’s needs on a case by case basis. This confirms the advice we offer is tailored to your exact situation. Our legal team are dedicated to providing fast and focused responses to any queries you may have along the way. We are always available to offer support after the documents are finalised. At Matthew Mitchell Solicitors, we understand that many of our clients will have never sought legal advice. That is why we make it our mission to explain your options clearly; to ensure you always make the best and most informed decision possible.

If you need the help of Wills and Estate lawyers Adelaide to assist you in fairly dividing your wealth and assets, contact the team at Matthew Mitchell Solicitors for your free phone consultation on (08) 8344 5589. We will be by your side in every possible way.