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Family Law

Disputes involving families are extremely emotional and can be incredibly stressful if you do not seek professional help from an experienced family lawyers Adelaide. We have extensive experience in all areas of family law, including, parenting arrangements, divorce, child support and property disputes.

We also advise on pre-nuptial agreements.

We work hard during the negotiation period to avoid unnecessary hostility and strive to minimize legal costs associated with having to go to court.

We provide an initial telephone consultation and will explain the likely costs associated with each step or your claim.


Divorce Lawyer Adelaide – Your First Consultation Is Free!

When you need a Divorce Lawyer Adelaide to represent you during your marriage breakdown, turn to Matthew Mitchell Solicitors. Our South Australian based team possess comprehensive knowledge of the local legal system, giving you the best chance of success. Disputes involving families, particularly where children are involved, can be extremely damaging for the involved parties. This is especially the case when negotiations are not deemed reasonable once all things are considered. Our legal team’s extensive experience in all areas of family law, including parenting arrangements, divorce, child support and property disputes, helps to take the pressure off of you, so you can focus on taking care of yourself and your family. Prior to entering a marriage, we can also advise parties regarding pre-nuptial agreements should they want to protect their assets.

Divorce Lawyer Adelaide

Our Proven Process

As a trusted name in law for over 35 years, Matthew Mitchell Solicitors are your expert divorce lawyer Adelaide. We can take care of all the complex paperwork and form applications on your behalf, and we work tirelessly during the negotiation period to both avoid unnecessary hostility between parties, and minimise legal costs associated with court proceedings. Your free phone-consultation will allow us to explain our process and the time it will take to finalise your divorce. We will also be able to provide you with an indicative quote associated with each individual stage of your claim. In South Australia, consent from both parties does not need to be sought in order to file for divorce. However, for a marriage that has lasted less than 2 years, a certificate must be provided stating that you have actively attempted to reconcile.

Why We Are the Best

The relationships we have established with our clients as a reputable divorce lawyer Adelaide cements our superior position in Adelaide. Our focus on communication means you will never be left in the dark when it comes to your case’s progress. Matthew Mitchell’s team of experienced solicitors in Adelaide offer a wealth of knowledge matched with an extremely approachable nature; so you never have to worry about asking questions or voicing any concerns. Our service exists to ensure both parties of the marriage are fairly compensated, however our client is always our priority. We will not stop working until you are completely satisfied with the outcome, and we will continue to fight for you for as long as it takes to achieve the best possible result. Principal Barrister & Solicitor, Scott Laidlaw, regularly handles all types of family law cases. You can trust him to get the job done for you.

If you are in need of a reliable and friendly divorce lawyer Adelaide to help you through an especially difficult time, you can trust the team at Matthew Mitchell Solicitors to be by your side. Call (08) 8344 5589 for a consultation today!