Criminal Lawyers Adelaide

Matthew Mitchell Solicitors has been a reputable name in criminal lawyers Adelaide for more than 35 years. We boast an unrivalled record for clients in Adelaide and regional South Australia. Our experienced team specialise in driving & police charges, personal injury, property & custody, wills, estates & probate and Victim of Crime compensation. We strive to provide our clients with a level of service that they simply will not find anywhere else, in order to alleviate some of their stress while working toward achieving the best possible outcome, every time. As criminal lawyers since 1979, you can place complete trust in us to do what is best for you. Matthew Mitchell Solicitors is dedicated to keeping our clients informed at every stage of their case. Thus, we strive to provide fast and focused responses to queries and regular progress updates as the case’s status changes.

Criminal Lawyers Adelaide

Our Proven Process

It is imperative that you seek the support of criminal lawyers Adelaide when you become aware of a charge. Even if you have not yet been summonsed to appear in court, the success of your case depends on its preparation. This is only achieved through ensuring we are across all relevant information prior to representation. Charges where defendants typically seek our criminal lawyer Adelaide service include: drugs charges, assaults (sexual & violence), firearm offences, manslaughter or murder, and robbery. These criminal charges can pose a great threat to many aspects of your life; from job opportunities and custody disputes, to overseas travel prospects. Matthew Mitchell Solicitors offer a free phone consultation where we will explain the likely severity of the charge against you. We will also advise you of potential defences, and provide an indicative cost for representation based on our extensive experience.

Why We Are the Best Criminal Lawyers in Adelaide

Our criminal lawyers team is comprised of Principal Barrister & Solicitor, Scott Laid law, and Consultant Solicitor, Fiona Avery. Scott boasts an excellent record of client success, and is experienced in all facets of criminal law. However, he particularly specialises in assault, drink driving, drug offences and traffic offences. As a certified member of the Law Society of South Australia, Scott is equipped with the skills and knowledge to help you achieve the best possible outcome. Fiona Avery has been representing South Australians for over 25 years, and her reputation in Adelaide speaks for itself. Specialising in personal injury, including motor vehicle injury and public liability, you can be confident in her extremely reliable hands. Our experienced criminal lawyers Adelaide are completely confident in their abilities, and they will leave no stone unturned in when it comes to representing you.

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